Terms And Conditions

Contractual Integrity

The contract cannot be changed or altered once agreed upon.

Customer Responsibility

Customers are responsible for the security of their belongings during the move.

Compensation for Delays

The company will be compensated for delays at loading or unloading points at a regular rate per hour.


The company self-insures clients for loss or damage at 50 cents per pound, with a maximum limit equal to the total move charge. Additional insurance may be purchased.


Damages must be reported within 24 hours of the move’s completion, and payment must be made in full before addressing damages.


Billing is done hourly, with part hours charged as full hours.

Lien Acknowledgement

The company holds a lien on goods until all charges are paid, including travel, waiting, unloading, storage, and related fees.

Risk of Loss

Customers have the right to attend during the move and indemnify the company for missing goods.

Liability Exemptions:

The company is not liable for certain damages or situations, including those caused by customer-packed containers, weak furniture, or unusual circumstances.

Payment Terms:

Fees must be paid before unloading via cash, Visa, or Mastercard. Credit card charges may be made for contracted services.

Dock Facilities:

Suitable dock facilities must be provided by the customer. The company may use street facilities at the customer’s risk if suitable facilities are unavailable.
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