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Reliance Movers has a talented and diverse staff who are deeply committed to with one mission to provide best moving service at a lower cost without sacrificing quality of work.

Whether you need moving services for business or personal demands, Bay Haul of Fame is always committed to provide our service from light to medium loads in a safe and professional manner.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Our Mission

 The mission for Reliance Movers is to bring professionalism and affordable prices to our client. We work hard every day to ensure our waste collection and pressure washing services bring value to the customer and their community.

Our Values

The vision for Reliance Movers is to become the trusted brand in our service area and to expand throughout california. Bay Haul of Fame has one goal in mind: delivering exceptional customer service. We are proud to serve our community and it’s business owners.

Residential Moves

Moving is an emotion we understand well. Trust us to move you in UAE or international. We promise a No Mess No Stress experience, that will make us recommend to your friends. 

Commercial Moves

We combine cutting-edge moving technologies and modern moving equipment to provide you with the ideal moving experience.

Long Distance Moves

We will the long distance moves for you with affordable prices and with the best quality equipments

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